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Through the course of history, we are capable of coming up with solutions to our issues without having to go through the process of trial and trial and.


The way one looks at Churchill’s empire is contingent on the way one perceives his view of the Empire itself. Why should we be concerned about the past? What does it mean to us? The concept of history is his story, it represents humanity. In the event that British Colonial power is, despite some violations, mostly benign, then Churchill’s belief in the Empire could be seen as somewhat quaint even though certain of his racist remarks should be rebuked. The story is a part of relate to what has happened.

If it was true that the Empire had been a criminal regime which enforced racial discrimination with the flick of a gun , then his racist views were nothing more than an excuse for an institutionalized cruelty. The Greek word for "history" is "historia" that stands for knowledge gained through research. Churchill’s supporters see his conviction that white races were superior to white race as being less important than his larger duty as a protector of humanity from Nazi oppression; while His critics draw attention to the human costs of his imperial stances like his inability to swiftly respond to the abysmal Bengal Famine of 1943. We live in the present and we think and think about the future. Churchill certainly did have racist opinions, but it should be acknowledged that racism was prevalent within the Victorian society where Churchill grew up.

The study of history can be defined as the research of past events. However it is important to keep in mind the fact that not every Victorians had the same views and that some of those who were similar to Churchill were against his views on the Empire later on in his the course of his life. The word"history" has multiple meanings.

This makes interpretation difficult. It’s a narrative of past events in order of time It examines historical incidents, the causes, and outcomes; and it is the entirety that is kept or recollected regarding the past particularly in writing. The historians are largely divided between those like Clive Ponting who emphasize Churchill’s hatred of decolonisation and imperial reform, and others like Roland Quinault who, while acknowledging the fact that Churchill had views that were not palatable and opinions, suggests that he was a relatively educated for the word time as well as his background." As per Mathews(2008), "history depicts the amazing events that occurred during the time when our world’s creation to exist". Are you looking to zoom into, download or take a printout of any one of the below documents? Schools can take advantage of additional features by signing up for free access to the entire Churchill Archive here. Therefore, history provides reasons for the events of the past. These explanations are used to comprehend the relation between then and today.

What is the significance of history? What Can It Do For Your Future? The study of history is important in many fields since it helps us stay clear of the mistakes that have been made during the time of our history. The term "history" refers to the study and research into the past.

There are many reasons this error occurred. It tells the story of the past, and also an expression that collectively remembers. It could serve as a basis for all. The story of history tells the person we are and where we came from, and could provide insight into where we are going. Through the course of history, we are able to perform things in a way that is correct. Why study History: The importance. It is possible that we have performed better than we did before, because we know the history of the place.

It is essential to learn about history because it aids everyone to understand our own lives as well as the world that surrounds us. In addition all that’s taking place today is the result of the past. The history for every subject and field from medicine to music, to art. This helps us become more effective in our decision-making as we gain knowledge from history and we begin to ask questions and become interested. Understanding and understanding history is essential regardless of the outcomes of studying history aren’t as evident, and are less tangible.

It is a subject that can significantly impact our lives today and in the near future. Allows You To Comprehend More. Through the course of history, we are capable of coming up with solutions to our issues without having to go through the process of trial and trial and. 1. It gives us quick and immediate solutions to our issues without the risk of making further mistakes. Our World. It provides us with a roadmap that will help us growth and improvement. The past provides a precise picture of how different aspects of societylike technology, government systems, and even the entire society were operating in the past, so that we know how they came to the state it does today.

It also encourages us to explore new ideas and beat the accomplishments of the great people in the past. 2. Without the history of our past, we’ll be destined to repeat the same mistakes and experience great losses. Society and Other People. There are many sayings that have something to do with the subject of history Some of them are: "history repeats itself" and the most popular saying that is used by almost all was "I learned from my mistakes in the past".

The study of history lets us examine and comprehend how individuals as well as societies must have behaved. To understand how change happened and the way in which our society was created, the study of history can be a huge help. "The past is the cause of the present and the future. For instance, we are capable of evaluating the effects of war, even when the country is peaceful through the lens of the past events. Through the study of history, we will understand how things change, only through the study of history can we understand the factors that lead to change.

The past provides information needed to formulate laws or theories on different elements of the society.

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