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The Best React Libraries You Should Be Using Today


Who loves building a form element from scratch when it can be used with a library? React form libraries provide better and faster ways to create customized components including inputs, selects, buttons, and potentially new components. The most popular library for forms in React is React Hook Form, which is a valid solution for the React app if you start having more complex forms. React (also known as React.js or ReactJS) is a free and open-source JavaScript library for designing user interfaces or UI components. With over 172k stars on GitHub, React is a popular front-end framework. Material UI, React Router, Semantic UI, Ant Design, React-Bootstrap and Blueprint UI are the best UI libraries for ReactJS.

React Library

With less popular libraries, the community is smaller, and getting help can be more complicated. Most prebuilt UI components are mobile-responsive by default, which means you won’t have to put a lot of extra effort into ensuring your React project works on different types of devices. Using a component library saves time not only when prototyping, but also when already working on your React project.

React MapLibre visualization with standalone/offline datas

Using the Chamonix BBOX, you should end up with 4 .hgt files that are easy to process with GDal. React-gradient-scroll-indicator – Wrapper for scrollable content with gradients. Worldwind-react-globe – NASA WorldWind globe component for React. Make sure that any npm modules you want as peer dependencies are properly marked as peerDependencies in package.json.

In addition to Alibaba, Ant Design is also used by the likes of Lenovo and Toyota, so it’s a great choice for high-level business projects. And the thorough resources can still make it a great option for beginners. On top of that, it has even more stars on GitHub than MUI does, which is more evidence of its greatness.

The monorepo home to all of the FormatJS related libraries, most notably react-intl. Physical representation of layout composition to create declarative responsive layouts in React. Try the Babel REPL to see the raw JavaScript code produced by the JSX compilation step.

React Library

In most cases, we should opt for the reliable, proven solution rather than attempting to reinvent the wheel. You often need to use the useEffect hook in combination with useState to manage the fetched data. This requires a lot of boilerplate that we have to write in every component in which we want to fetch data.

The List of the Best React Component Libraries

Out of this list and as of this writing, React Spring has the most stars on GitHub, while React Transition Group wins in terms of weekly downloads on NPM. However, other libraries may offer specific features that you need, such as tweening with React Move or lifelike animations with React Motion. Unlike most animation libraries, React Reveal only reveals animations and effects if you scroll down to the animated element, not during load time.

ES-Lint improves the overall code-quality by evaluating patterns in code and overcoming errors by auto-fixing the code. React Hook Form is a minimalistic library without any dependencies. This flexible UI library gives you the ability to reuse styles in your code. Its configuration in JavaScript gives a potential programming language’s feel and use. It is a consolidated development framework of NPM, Webpack, Babel, Dora, and DVA.

React Library

Design simple views for each state in your application, and React will efficiently update and render just the right components when your data changes. Server-side rendering refers to the process of rendering a client-side JavaScript application on the server, rather than in the browser. This can improve the performance of your application, especially for users on slower connections or devices. Render is the most important lifecycle method and the only required one in any component.

Easy to Customize

All the functionality that you need in a form library is provided in one simple hook, called useForm, and enables you to create forms as sophisticated as you like. Using a component library like Ant Design speeds up our development time by reducing the amount of often unreliable styles that we have to write ourselves. Users appreciate the documentation for its ability to design and choose from a number of charts. This is evident from the 8k stars it has received on GitHub in a short span. Additionally, it also allows for convenient and straightforward integration of charts including line, pie, bar, and candlestick to the web and React Native applications.

  • In this article, We will be having a look at 15 of the best and most used React form libraries.
  • Using a component library saves time not only when prototyping, but also when already working on your React project.
  • With the available primitive components, you can create a highly customized design quickly.
  • By the end of this post, you’ll hopefully have found the best React-based UI components library for your web or mobile app development project.
  • It describes itself as a React UI library and design system for enterprise-level users.

Ant design lists itself in the top react component libraries as a design system for enterprise-level products.Ant Design gives a complete and flexible design and has a 50-component library. There like a date picker, dropdown, icon, button, and several other components. The 115 companies use Ant Design, including Kaidee, QRPoint, and Evooq. Besides, 383 developers have stated that they use Ant Design.Talking about components offered by AntD, it provides a set of more than 50 components.

What is a React Chart Library?

It offers grabbing and gesture-based user interaction to select visual objects and drag them to any desired location across the device screen. React DnD is built with HTML5 drag and drop API, and it uses Redux internally. It provides the necessary possibilities to create Trello like complicated drag and drop interfaces without affecting the data transfer and continuity in the application state. In most cases, this API is the commonly preferred library to create drop events. If you’re thinking of building an application today and are looking for a solid component library, go with Ant Design. It has virtually every feature that you would need out of a component library, plus great customizability that serves any app feature you might consider implementing.

React component allows you to create flexible, composable charts to visualize your data. React graph chart library includes many graph charts demonstrating options. This is partly due to the great documentation, which includes many examples, guidelines, and variants. It’s also an excellent platform for customizing existing components and themes. Developed by the web developers of Uber Open Source, React vis is a pioneering name in the field of React Chart Libraries. It delivers a pretty easy and fast approach to understand the charting of components for your data visualization needs.

Most popular React Chart Libraries for Your Web Projects

It promises to give you an engaging user experience with gradients in charts. React-JSON-editor takes a JavaScript object describing the shape of the data we want a user to provide – aschema– and automatically creates a form based on that schema. It’s a library inspired by theAngular’s Reactive Forms, which allows to create a tree of form control objects in the component class and bind them with native form control elements.

React Move

Some of the components you can get with Grommet include layouts, color type, controls, input visualization, media, and incredible utilities. Besides, you can get the documentation and support, including the template. Talk with our experienced app consultants and we will help you to create customized mobile apps as per your requirements. Relay is a JavaScript framework for building data-driven React applications.

This improves page speed by allowing animation components to be lazy-loaded. It was designed to create animations using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. React Transition Group is a good animation library and has a very small bundle size. It’s one of the most popular animation libraries and should be considered for your next React project. Most React UI libraries don’t offer official support but instead guide their users to Stack Overflow, GitHub, Discord, or other similar channels.

React hooks

If you’re looking for a library for mobile app development, then try MUI, React-Bootstrap, and Ant Design. You can use these for both Android and iOS apps, although MUI is better suited for Android. Blueprint doesn’t offer any prebuilt themes, except for the default light theme and a dark mode theme.

Comprehensive, blazing fast documentation with editable examples for every React component and feature. React Scheduler Let users view and edit their event calendars with the Scheduler. These are the top React Form Libraries’ on GitHub, You can try them out on your projects and share your reviews with us.

However, many people fail to notice that this react chart library does not launch frequent updates or other maintenance services. The template library provided by them is impressive and highly versatile. BizCharts is also known to possess the most extensive collection of charts so far, making it a comprehensive base for designing and data visualization.

You can easily and quickly create your design system or start with the material design. The primary point of the component library is you can get the number of spotless and modest, highly customizable angular vs react components obtainable for developers. The React development library includes a collection of interesting, ready-to-use components that you can plug into any application without app developers.

It’s already installed for react, but the problem is still established. 3- Or you can do yourself and others a favor and add the library types in DefinitelyTyped repo. Start proactively monitoring your React Native apps — try LogRocket for free. In summary, first, the HTML markup we passed will be parsed into the DOM. It is a visualization project of the options in the flexible system.

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